There are several benefits to our process, including environmentally friendly nature, waste minimization, large treatment capability, and year-round operation.

RLC Technologies has built and delivered over 30 indirect fired thermal desorption plants to job sites around the world. With a focus on safety and a sophisticated design and control system, our thermal desorption plants have proven to be safe and reliable time and time again.

RLC Technologies offers competitive pricing, a full-year warranty, and suitable payment terms to meet the needs of our clients all across the world.

Our equipment is completed with a state-of-the-art reliable control and safety system which assures stable operations and virtually eliminates the risk of accidents.

We help our clients have more productive uptime with less maintenance or stalled work due to repairs. Unlike most competing technologies, we guarantee a 90+% uptime.

Our systems are built to be expanded or added onto depending on production needs. Since the system’s components are modular, they can easily be enlarged as your operations expand.