RLC Technologies offers competitive pricing, a full-year warranty, and suitable payment terms to meet the needs of our clients all across the world.

Competitive Price

We structure our business so we can offer our clients internationally competitive prices.

Cost Effectiveness

We help our clients operate in the most cost-effective way by transforming waste into a product that has commercial value, low-maintenance design, high-quality components, stable and reliable operations, and mobility.

De-Listing of Waste While Recovering Oil

D, F & K wastes can be processed through our ATDU and meet UTS, allowing for disposal in a non-hazardous or industrial landfill.

One Year Full Warranty

We offer One (1) year warranties on all of our equipment.

Suitable Payment Terms

We are open to using different INCOTERMS terms when pricing our equipment. We are also willing to discuss different payment terms with our clients. All transactions are facilitated via Ex-Im financing for international sales.

CONTACT US EMAIL: sales@rlctechnologies.com PHONE: 804-550-0400