Deriving energy from waste is a major global challenge. Massive quantities of energy-rich material such as municipal, industrial and agricultural wastes are being disposed of through antiquated techniques such as landfilling and incineration at a large cost to society. These materials can be converted to useful products such as oil, gas and carbon rich char. What is required is simple; a reducing atmosphere and heat. Conversion to gas and oil is achieved through the process of pyrolytic decomposition. This can be done, and is currently being accomplished with our equipment.

In keeping with the growing demand RLC Technologies, Inc. has formed a subsidiary company, RLC Energy to commercialize market and manufacture its Pyrolytic Conversion Unit on a global scale.


  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Mixed waste packaging material as wood, foam, plastic wrap and cardboard
  • Used ag-wrap plastic contaminated with plant matter and earth
  • Mixed plastic film and wet-strength paperboard bales
  • Meat Bone meal (MBM)
  • Automobile Shredder Residual (ASR) from the metal scrap industry

Please contact RLC Technologies for further information on our PCU technology and the conversion of waste to energy through pyrolysis.