There are several benefits to our process, including environmentally friendly nature, waste minimization, large treatment capability, and year-round operation.

Environmentally Friendly Nature

Our technology eliminates the need for land disposal or incineration, exceeding the most stringent clean-up criteria. The closed system design reduces atmospheric emissions to a fraction of that of direct fired systems. Hydrocarbons are separated and recovered, not burned and released into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases.

Waste Minimization / Recycling

The non-destructive nature of the process allows wastes to be converted into useful products. Our technology can produce a commercially valuable product while reducing and de-listing a hazardous waste stream.

Large Treatment Capability

Any compound, organic or inorganic, that can be converted to a higher volatile substance at our system’s boiling point can be removed from a stable matrix and further recycled.

24-Hour Year-Round Operation

Our plants are designed to operate about 90% of the time within a 24-hour, year-round schedule.