RLC Technologies has built and delivered over 30 indirect fired thermal desorption plants to job sites around the world. With a focus on safety and a sophisticated design and control system, our thermal desorption plants have proven to be safe and reliable time and time again.

Custom Design

Our plants are custom-designed for each specific application, depending on the customer’s specific needs and type of contaminated material. Each one of the ATDU plants we build are constantly improving in design and performance to provide the very best for our customers.

Low Maintenance Design

Our custom design enables our equipment to operate successfully with minimum required maintenance. Abrasive materials, like those found in drill cuttings and other wastes, do not cause wear from friction as they do in other thermal treatment systems.

Mobility / Emergency Response

Our plants can be easily placed on trailers and transported to remote sites. Quick electrical disconnects allow easy mobilization and demobilization.

Worldwide On-site Assistance

We want our clients to be able to operate properly and effectively. Therefore, our experienced specialists provide on-site training and worldwide assistance during the plant set-up and all operations thereafter. We are ready to provide our clients with spare parts, technical data, and consultations as needed.

CONTACT US EMAIL: sales@rlctechnologies.com PHONE: 804-550-0400